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McDermott Cues

McDermott Cues
The Mcdermott Advantage

We admit it. We like doing things that have never been done before. We’re inspired by the thought of introducing a new product. Driven by the challenge to develop better performance. Intrigued by the endless possibilities of design. And dedicated to the single most important factor in new product development…your game.

Our Quality

Craftsmanship is a fine art. Found among the gifted artisans in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin are the finest wood-makers in America. Through decades of cue building experience, McDermott utilizes a process that includes over 150 separate operations in the construction of each cue. All shafts are made from the finest Kiln-dried, Hand Selected, North American Hard Rock maple and turned 11 times. All forearm and butts are handcrafted from the most unusual, and finest, woods from around the world. The wood is aged for up to two years and is machined three separate times to ensure straightness.

Wood: McDermott Hand Selects only the finest woods from around the globe (North America, South America, Central America, West Africa). The wood is aged for 18 to 24 months by alternately storing and machining each piece three times allowing the maximum amount of moisture to escape, thus ensuring absolute straightness.

Shaft: Our North American Hard Rock maple shafts are Hand Selected for straightness of grain, optimum moisture content, and white color. Each shaft is machined, bored, and CNC-thread cut to achieve perfect consistency and concentricity and then turned 11 times to ensure straightness and a “true roll.”

Joint: McDermott's signature wood-to-wood joint provides consistent surface contact throughout the cue, thus delivering maximum feel, and the most solid hit in the industry.

Construction: McDermott’s “Tri-Core” butt construction promotes straightness over the life of the cue. Inlays and rings are precision milled to within .001” and Hand Glued to ensure the perfect fit.

Tip: McDermott cues feature Medium Hard Triangle tips made from special Water Buffalo, Chrome Tanned leather. These specially treated tips provide the ultimate in cue ball control and require less reshaping than most standard tips.

Collar: McDermott utilizes our exclusive Impact Control Ring, which is made from a Polymer Matrix Composite that was originally developed by NASA.

Ferrule: Our Fine Weave Linen-based Ivorine 3 ferrules are both Hand-glued and Hand-screwed onto a wood tenon, resulting in direct contact between the shaft and tip, which maximizes feedback at the point of contact.

Pin: Heavy gauge stainless steel joint pin with rolled threads for strength prolongs thread life and is rust-resistant.

Wrap: Our Genuine Imported Irish linen wrap is tightly wound, double-pressed, and polished for a perfect fit and smooth feel, thus protecting the cue from the elements and absorbing hand moisture for a “Sure Grip.”

Finish: McDermott cues are Hand-stained with our exclusive imported European “Organic-Pigment” stain, which is made from the finest pigments in the world. McDermott stain is clearly superior to the synthetic stains generally used in the industry, and is notable for its uniform saturation of the wood and exacting consistency of color. The cues are completed with five coats of Ultra High-luster urethane, which make each McDermott cue extremely scratch-resistant. Uniform Hand-application results in the clearest finish in the industry.

Bumper: Our patented McDermott Soft Durometer Polymer Composite bumper gives maximum protection to your cue and is double-bonded by an interchangeable weight bolt system, allowing the fine tuning of the balance point and weight.